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Who we are and what we do…

Extreme Moms is an organization that inspires women to live life to the fullest! We create events that allow us to step out of our comfort zone and find true power. We do this through unique and exciting workshops and thrilling extreme sports events!

Extreme Mom & Extreme Kids

Our Mission:Extreme Moms is an organization that challenges women to face their fears and find their extreme! We believe that a strong, healthy, vital mom inspires her children to set goals and surpass them. Our members are dedicated to showing their children first-hand that they have the power to change the world!At each Extreme Moms event our members are challenged mentally, physically and spiritually. Since its inception in 2010, we have hosted dozens of extreme sports events and empowerment camps. Check out our past events tab for more details.

Previous Extreme Activities:

  • Skydiving for Adaptive Action Sports
  • Rappelling 20-stories down the Hilton Milwaukee City Center Hotel for The Special Olympics
  • Plunging in the frigid waters of Lake Michigan in the Polar Bear Plunge
  • Filming of the Food Forward pilot episode
  • Participating in the choreographed dance of the Milwaukee Flash Mob
  • Hang Gliding for The Healing Center
  • Fire Walking across 8ft of hot flaming coals
  • Dozens of Community Outreach events such as RW24 bike race, Danskin Triathlon, Made In Milwaukee, Milwaukee Artreach, Bayview Fox Run, and many many more.

Extreme Moms is not just for moms! We welcome our allies, supporters, extreme dads and kids to participate in our events, workshops, and classes.

For free workshops and event updates be sure to visit our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/extrememoms

over the edge

“I will not tiptoe through life only to safely arrive at death.”  -unknown